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Welcome to the Laveen Photography website.  Leslie Finishing In StyleLaveen Photography is a Phoenix based photography service.

My name is Doug Smith and I want to thank you for taking the time to visit my website.   Photography is a passion for me and I want to share that passion with you.  I see photography as a medium for having fun, personal expression, a means of capturing memories, and a delightful challenge.  I have been involved in photography for a number of years, but my passion really developed when I bought my first digital SLR camera.   While I am transitioning this passionate hobby into a small business, my primary goal is still to have fun and to make taking photos fun for everyone involved.

My photographic interests started with landscapes; a natural spinoff from my work in the environmental field.  Over the years I have expanded my interests which now include trains, planes, and automobiles; people; sporting events; cityscapes; and just about anything else you can think of to photograph.  When I photograph people, my goal is to capture a bit of their soul and spirit.  Whether I am photographing a family outing, senior portraits, or engagement photos, I want the photographs to not only be aesthetically pleasing but to capture the feelings of the moment.

I hope you will take a few more minutes to explore the site and see what we have to offer.  About Laveen Photography provides a bit more background and information about me, my interests, and my approach to photography.  Services describes some of the services I provide.  I know everyone is interested in how much it will cost.  I do provide some rate information; however, the best thing to do is to Contact Laveen Photography and let me work with you to come up with a photographic plan that best meets your needs.  I know my rates will be more than competitive.

I also like helping people new to the modeling business get started.  So if you are an aspiring model, contact me at modeling@laveenphotography.com and lets talk about your modeling goals and how I can help.

Examples of some of my work can be found by following links

Contact Information:

Douglas L Smith
Location:   Phoenix, Arizona (Laveen) 85339
E-mail:        doug.smith@laveenphotography.com
Cell #:         (919) 412-8852

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